Why Do I Need A Dental Crown?

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Are you looking for teeth restoration solutions in Denver, CO? A dental crown might just be the best way to restore both the appearance and function of your teeth. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 

What Are Dental Crowns? 

A dental crown is a tooth-colored cap used primarily to restore a damaged or broken tooth. If you are dealing with a big cavity, for example, and the dentist had to remove a lot of the tooth’s structure to clean the infection, you will need a root canal to protect and strengthen the tooth. 

Although their main role is restorative, dental crowns can have cosmetic purposes too. They can be used, for instance, to complete a dental implant treatment. 

Why Would I Need a Dental Crown? 

Dental crowns are quite versatile and can be used to treat a variety of dental issues: 

  • Decayed teeth: Crowns are often used when a tooth has been affected by a cavity that’s too big to be treated with a filling. 
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth: If a tooth has a large chip or crack, a dental crown is more effective in restoring the tooth and protecting it against further damage. 
  • Root Canal Therapy: Root canals involve cleaning the tooth’s pulp and then placing a crown on top to strengthen and protect it. 
  • Bridges and Dental Implants: Dental crowns are also used to help restore missing teeth. 

Types of Crowns 

Dental crowns are made from sturdy materials that can last as long as 20 years with proper care. 

  • Porcelain crowns – These are both sturdy and natural looking 
  • Metal alloys – Incredibly strong, they are often used for back teeth to help support the biting and chewing pressure. However, they are not as natural looking as porcelain ones and come at a higher price. 
  • Porcelain and metal alloys – Combining the best of both worlds, these types of crowns are both sturdy and natural-looking. 
  • Golden crowns – Less common now, they can be used to restore back teeth 
  • Resin crowns – These are usually less expensive, but they have a significantly shorter lifespan than the other options. 
  • Same-Day crowns: These are crowns that are designed and manufactured in one visit, to the dentist’s office. They can be just as resistant as regular crowns. 

How Is My Tooth Prepared for a Crown? 

After cleaning and treating the tooth, the dentist will have to remove a bit of enamel to make sure the crown will fit snuggly and blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. 

Once the crown is ready, they will place it on top of the tooth and make any necessary adjustments until the crown feels natural in your mouth. Once they decide that the fit, shape, and color are perfect, they will cement it in place. 

Restore Your Smile with Denver Dream Dentistry

Are you ready to restore your smile and access stellar dental treatment in Denver, CO? is here to help. 

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