Dental Sedation

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Dental anxiety is real, and you’re not alone. Plenty of patients feel nervous about getting the care they need. That’s why we offer a variety of sedation options in the Denver, CO area to keep your experience soothing, painless, and stress-free.

Why Should I Choose Sedation?

No one deserves to struggle with stress or pain during dental treatment. Sedation options are an effective way to receive the dental care you need without the worry and anxiety that may come with visiting the dentist’s office. All it takes to get started is a simple conversation with your dentist to see what option works best for you.

The Benefits Of Proper Sedation

Faster Procedures

Sedation soothes the body and keeps you from wiggling, which allows your dentist to complete the treatment in less time.

Keeps Care Precise

Choking and gagging reflexes are put on pause under sedation, so your dentist can complete a precise procedure without any unexpected movements.

Encourages Positive Dental Memories

Experiencing a comfortable treatment reduces your dental phobia and trains your brain to associate positive memories with dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide

Nervous about treatment, but want to avoid being deeply sedated? With nitrous oxide, you’ll experience a floaty, worry-free feeling that won’t leave you with side effects. Right after treatment, you can drive yourself home and get back to your day-to-day routine.

Oral Conscious

If you’re looking for a sedative that will cause you to forget most of your procedure, we offer oral conscious sedation. This method uses a strong pill or liquid sedative that you’ll take about 30-60 minutes before your procedure for a peaceful, pleasant experience.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is delivered directly into your bloodstream via an IV, causing you to enter into a deeply relaxing state. Many patients fall asleep during their treatment with IV sedation. While you may forget your procedure, you can still be woken up and respond to commands.

General Anesthesia

For patients undergoing invasive procedures, we proudly offer general anesthesia. After breathing the sedation through a ventilator, you’ll become completely unconscious — you will not feel anything or remember anything about your procedure.

The Sedation Treatment Process

Did You Know?

About 40% of Americans are affected by dental anxiety.

Dental Sedation FAQs

Yes, with proper administration by a trained professional, dental sedation is generally considered safe for most patients. However, it's important to disclose your full medical history and any medications you are taking to your dentist before undergoing sedation.

The duration of dental sedation depends on the type used and the individual patient's response. Nitrous oxide typically wears off within a few minutes after it is stopped being administered, while oral and IV sedation can last several hours. Your dentist will closely monitor you during the procedure to ensure your safety.

It depends on the type of sedation used. Nitrous oxide will not put you to sleep but will help you relax and feel more at ease during the procedure. Oral and IV sedation can range from a light sedation, where you may feel drowsy but still be able to respond to verbal cues, to a deeper level, where you may fall asleep but can still be easily awakened.

Depending on the type of sedation used, recovery time may vary. Nitrous oxide has very little recovery time, as it quickly wears off after being stopped. Oral and IV sedation may have a longer recovery time, as the effects may last for a few hours after the procedure. Your dentist will provide you with post-treatment instructions and any necessary medications to help with your recovery.

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